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Hello again, world. It’s day three of the new blog. It’s evolving. I think I’m going to have a category for French. Despite calling myself a translator, I’m still learning French, slowly. It seems like one painful word per day. I’m thinking that if I blog about the new words it will help me to learn them. So here is the first post in the French category. There you go!


To kick off, I’ll fill you in on my favourite French word. You’ll never guess.  Saperlipopette ! It’s an exclamation, and means goodness me, or fiddlesticks! Unless you’ve read Tintin you’ve probably never heard of it.

And idiolect

It was through saperlipopette that I learned another new, English, word. Idiolect. This, apparently is “a variety of a language unique to an individual”, and saperlipopette is unique to Tintin.