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Most freelancers are very happy with their work volume and income levels.

The above quote is from Corinne McKay who was talking about sentiment at the ATA (American Translator’s Association) 2011 conference.

However, it’s a message I’ve heard quite a few times over the past months, most recently at the MET meeting in Barcelona. I was very struck by how marketing seemed to be such a low priority among the participants, and I think I know why. The majority of the people there were established translators, and quite happy to keep travelling the familiar groove they had carved out for themselves. It seems that once you’ve got enough clients, repeat business is enough to keep most people going. It was only the newbies like me who were actively looking for new customers.

That’s ok, I’m working on it. More important, it’s good to know the future looks bright!

The Prosperous Translator

I just ordered this book, in the hope that one day I will be a prosperous translator 🙂