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I love URSSAF!

The good news – I’ve been registered as an auto-entrepreneur since June 2009. The bad news – I’m registered in category 7112B (Ingénierie – études techniques), which is what I was doing until the end of 2010. This year has been one of transition. At the beginning I was a web developer doing a little bit of translation. Now, at the end of the year, I’m a translator doing a little bit of web development.   Today I tackled the task of updating my auto-entrepreneur status.

No longer a 7112B

First question – who with? Out of the multitude of official organisations I have to deal with, which one needs to know I’m no longer a 7112B? It didn’t have an obvious answer, but I did quite quickly find the right form to fill in. Filling it in was no particular problem, and on the fifth attempt, I managed to print off a correct version. Who cares about trees! However, the initial problem remained. Who to send it to?

Google tells me that it’s the centre de formalités des entreprises that needs to know, and that turns out to be… good old URSSAF. So the form is in the envelope, stamped and ready to send. Wish me luck!