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Google AdWords Express

Google AdWords Express

I’ve been thinking about trying marketing the old-fashioned way – sending flyers or brochures out into the real-world. I was hesitating because nobody seems to do it any more. No sooner was I thinking about it when, gee whizz, I receive some. You’ll never guess who from? Google! Yes, Google are advertising their AdWords Express service by direct marketing into your letterbox. Although I’m a bit baffled by how they got my home address, it’s worked and I’ve signed up (with the help of a credit voucher for 75 euros).

Time to look at brochure designs 🙂

Misleading Google Advertising

P.S. Google claim you can get your first campaign up and running in ten minutes. Oh no you can’t! If you’re fast, you probably can do the first bit of signing up for an account and providing info about your business in ten minutes. But they then need to send you another piece of snail-mail with a validation code. They promise it will arrive ‘within a few weeks’. Bad Google.