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A messy day today. Didn’t do too much business-wise, things being slow and all. Instead I watched a new film – 50/50 (directed by Jonathan Levine who’s not known for anything in particular). All I’ll say about it is that it’s about a guy who is diagnosed with cancer and it’s pretty good. I’m pretty sceptical of the portrayal of having cancer, but the film did make me both laugh and cry.

Affiche du prochain film de Steven Spielberg &...I also recently watched the new Steven Spielberg film, The Adventures of Tintin. Sorry to say I didn’t get to the end of it. After an hour I was bored and went to bed.

The Prosperous Translator

The book I ordered at the beginning of the month finally arrived. It only took three weeks! I’ve had a flip though and it looks excellent. Can’t wait to read the rest.

Agency work

Remember the agency who asked for a copy of my CV? Well, the CV is done, but I’ve so far failed to send it off. I’m basically scared it won’t be good enough. I HAVE TO GET OVER THIS!!!

Direct marketing

I’ve also failed to write an email to the lady who can supply me with a list of local companies for the potential snail-mail marketing campaign. I should have done it today instead of wasting time watching movies. Why do I do this?