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It’s day two of the morale-raising-morning-bike-ride experiment, and it seems to be working. I did another half an hour up-and-down the road ride this morning and have had a very productive day.

The new website

English: Does Your Website Need a Web Content ...The new website – this time for editing – is in preparation. It goes under the practical, but unimaginative name of http://www.science-proofreading.net/. Too bad somebody had already bagged my first choice (science-editing.net). The idea is that it will eventually soon replace the WordPress blog-style affair I have at the moment. I’m frustrated by the lack of control I have over the WordPress site and not being able to add the interactive features I want.  Ideally I’d just have one site, but  the French website isn’t going to be particularly effective for attracting speakers of other languages who might want editing. I’m effectively running two business, with two different customer bases.

One answered question is how different, or similar, I want the two sites to be. For the moment I’ve copied the http://www.traduction-edition-scientifique.fr/ site design. I’ve already had to adjust the structure, and of course translate the content back to English(!). The current thinking is to keep the layout, but play with the colours.  I need to think about it. Tomorrow 🙂

Terms & Conditions

I’ve also updated both sites with ‘official’ Terms of Sale, which I got from the French Translator’s Association. They’re really useful, and make me all the more interested in signing up with them. After I’d done that, I had to update the template I use for estimates, to bring it in line with my new Terms of Sale. I’ve managed to fix things up so that both my invoices and estimates are bilingual, so at least that was one job I didn’t have to do twice.

Whew! A busy day, time to down tools. Can’t wait to get started again tomorrow 🙂