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English: French "corvée" laborers. I...

So this is the things-I-don’t-want-to-do list I made last night:

  • learn to use memoQ
  • learn to use trados
  • get active in proz
  • active tes.net
  • prepare the flyer
  • create a marketing prospects list
  • draft an email
  • draft a letter
  • do invoice
  • sign up to translator’s café
  • send cv to agency
  • enquire about sft membership
  • finish reading books

I’ve made a start on the ones that are crossed off. It was quite an effort. I didn’t get going until after lunchtime; even then I was so sleepy and very tempted to go back to bed. Anyway, it wasn’t fun, but it’s done. I’m moving again. Now I just have to keep going.