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Well, I’ve made a bit more progress with the list.

  • learn to use memoQ
    Português do Brasil: logo artigo wordfast em p...I’ve abandoned memoQ as a potential CAT tool. I sent them some feedback explaining why but in short, if I’m going to spend €300 on their product, I don’t expect to have to write to them to find out how to use it.
  • learn to use trados
    I’m not going to worry about Trados either. I took a look at Wordfast at the weekend. I had understood it was free – it’s not. Like memoQ it’s around the €300 mark. However, there is the Wordfast Anywhere tool which is free. Not only is it free, it does what I was expecting a CAT tool to do, namely to draw upon some kind of public translation memory in order to provide an initial, draft translation. Plus, it comes with instructions that I can understand.
  • get active in proz
    Not done, but see Translator’s Cafe below.
  • active tes.net
    I’ll do this today.
  • prepare the flyer
    I’ve started work on this, but it’s like the website. It’s really hard to create something from nothing. I’ll have to look around for some more ideas.
  • create a marketing prospects list
    I need to stop putting this off. It’s not even hard!
  • draft an email
    See above.
  • draft a letter
    See above. I’m going to be doing this marketing shit for the rest of my working life. I might as well start now. The list/letter I draft now will form the foundation for everything that follows.
  • do invoice
    Done. I’ve also brought the accounts up-to-date.
  • sign up to translator’s café
    Done. They have this nifty little thing where they email you with translation questions people are looking for help on. I’ve had a go at answering a few. It’s fun! And it keeps my translating muscles in shape, and I’m improving my own vocabulary.
  • send cv to agency
    Not done. This is a toughie. I want to be able to put Wordfast on my CV before I send it. Ugh 😦
  • enquire about sft membership
    Done. It took forever to write the email (in French). No response as yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t respond at all.
  • finish reading books
    I still have four to read/skim through. I’ll do it today. I’ll start now in fact.

I guess this is progress, but I’m still feeling pretty despondent.