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The temperature here dropped from twelve degrees on Saturday, to five on Sunday, and it still seems to be falling. I’ve been cold all day, but managed to get out for my morale-raising bike ride this afternoon. I thought it would warm me up. But no. Parts of me were sweating, but other parts (feet in particular) were freezing! Now I’m back, I’ve lit the fire and things (me in particular) are finally warming up.

Back to the updated version of the to-do list.

  • learn to use Wordfast
  • get active in proz
    Still not done, maybe I’ll take a look tonight.
  • active tes.net
    Done. I even received another spam email. Yippee!
  • prepare the flyer
    No progress.
  • create a marketing prospects list
    No progress.
  • draft an email
    See above.
  • draft a letter
    See above.
  • send cv to agency
    See above.
  • enquire about sft membership
    I got a reply from them yesterday. I have to wait until I get my status updated by the social security folk (I was a web developer, now I want to register me as a translator).
  • finish reading books
    Done. I had a pile of eight books, all about academic writing to wade through. Five of them were so badly out of date they should be binned (not that long ago people used to write about the advantages of using a word processor, honest). Two were generally ok, and one (the last one I picked up of course) was great.
    It’s called La communication scientifique en anglais and it’s about the only example I’ve ever seen of a French/English book that’s genuinely useful. It provides a multitude of typical scenarios that the scientific researcher might find themselves in and gives sample conversations in English and French. Even more amazing, these conversations actually sound like something somebody might really say. It covers everything from reserving a hotel room to presenting a conference paper. As the title suggest, it’s aimed at native French speakers who need to speak English, but it’s equally useful for the few of us who need to go the other way.

Onwards and upwards!