One last thought before Xmas.

Over dinner, a friend of a friend mentioned that she had done nothing all day at the asset management company she works for. In fact, she had spent almost two hours on the phone with her brother (btw, it’s amazing to me that it’s possible to have a two-hour phone conversation with anyone).

Another friend said something like, ‘ah, yes but the rest of the time you work really hard’. You know, that really pissed me off. I work really hard the rest of the time too. But when I stop working really hard, nobody continues to pay me to chat on the phone for two hours to my brother. Employees don’t know they’re born. Bah humbug!!

Anyway, this is me signing off for the weekend. I have a mountain of mince pies and Christmas cake to get through. I wish all and sundry a Happy Christmas, and I’ll probably be back on Monday.