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That is the question.

I was intending to work this week. I was going to start yesterday. It hasn’t happened. I wanted to map out my goals for next year, and outline a marketing strategy, but it hasn’t happened. Well, I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I’m back here at least.

I can read, but I have to speak too

Another left-over thought from just before Christmas. I’ve already blogged here somewhere about how I’m self-conscious when speaking French, and how it’s holding me back in promoting the business. My reasoning is that people will gauge my competence in translating French by how well I speak it. My assumption was confirmed during an innocent conversation with a friend, who was surprised that to learn that I could still be having trouble speaking French when I was working as a translator.

It was a bit brutal to hear, but useful to see that there really are people out there who do make that assumption. It just makes me all the more determined to be fluent in spoken French, aussi vite que possible!