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It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I’m finally back home after two very long weeks at my parents. Last week didn’t happen. My internet connection slowed to an unusable trickle; it didn’t matter too much, I had a headache for four days anyway.

English: Elephant in the room

The elephant in the room

But now I’m back, and I should be full of vim and vigour and champing at the bit to get going again. Instead, I’m in exactly the same place I was before Christmas – struggling to motivate myself, doing anything except work.

I have done one thing. I’ve signed up for an online webinar on ‘Preparing for the Future’. Oh, and I’ve been reading my way through a very interesting website called TAUS (the Translation Automaton User Society), and I’ve started contributing to TranslatorsCafe again, and I’ve been practising my French.

I guess all is not lost. But I’m still avoiding the elephant that’s been in the room for months now – I must get stuck into marketing. I can be the best translator in the world, but I’m never going to make it if nobody knows I exist. Time to bring out the to-do list again.