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I read this excellent post about starting out as a translator today on Jill Sommer’s blog. Although I don’t agree with much of what is said about CAT tools (it looks like I’m developing an unconventional opinion) there’s loads of bits of good advice in there. The one I particularly like is in the comments:

2) A lot of the money that you’re putting out there in the beginning is investment, and I understand that starting out is difficult. I remember going to a mentor through the YWCA and the best piece of advice she gave me was: “do something everyday that contributes to your business. You have no money but you have tons of time, energy AND creativity. For the next 6 months, I challenge you to do something, everyday that contributes to your business.” Perhaps it’s reading, perhaps it’s reading about business, perhaps it’s enhancing your LinkedIn profile.

This is a challenge I’m going to take up, but for the year, not for six months. Starting yesterday. Something like this was in part the motivation for starting this blog – so that I could document how it all happened. It’s a logical extension to write each day about what I’ve done for the business that day. In fact, I’m going to set up a new section here on the blog called WIDT (What I Did Today) to record what I’ve done.

I’ve also decided to work on translating Wikipedia articles. I need to keep practising, and I must do at least a little translation every day. If nobody’s going to pay me, I’ll do it for free. I started that yesterday too.

There’s new work coming in. Yippee! Today was a good day.