Today I worked. I prepared an estimate for three new pieces of work, started work on one of them, and continued work on another article that is mostly done, but still needs finishing off.


I also continued to contribute to the TranslatorsCafe forum. I’ve realised this is a form of networking. People see my name, get used to having me around and see what I can do. Even better, it’s fun. I like the small challenge of finding a translation for whatever the obscure terme du jour is. I’m also mighty amused by the passionate wars that go on between the old hands over the most trivial of terms. Each one is so determined that THEY are RIGHT. I’d love to know what water has passed under the bridge that has created such entrenched positions. It looks a lot like they have faaaarrrr too much time on their hands.

practising translation

I translated another Wikipedia page last night, and now I’m off to do another one – this time about the Augustinian convent at Toulouse. Again, I’m really enjoying it. It’s so satisfying creating something that didn’t exist before. I guess it’s a good sign. I must like my work if I do it for fun!