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Again, it’s Sunday, and I wasn’t planning to work today, but I have done two small things.

  1. I’ve asked Creative Edge for a quote for a marketing leaflet. Let’s see how it compares to the one from the Beehive Studio. That one was $700-1,000. It seems expensive, but maybe that’s the going rate.
  2. I’ve done a little bit more work on my LinkedIn profile. I think it’s just about finished for the time being. The main outstanding issue is to get the French version checked by a native speaker. I wish LinkedIn had a built-in spell/grammar checker like WordPress. I just know there are still typos.

who cares about translation?

English: Brazil Nuts. Taken by Deathworm 21:44...

I’ve had a fantastic new business idea. For a week now, I’ve had a craving for chocolate covered Brazil nuts. I haven’t been able to find them in any the French supermarkets I’ve visited (in fact, I can’t even find Brazil nuts), and I also haven’t been able to find them on any French website. I have, however, found several French recipes for how to do them yourself. How hard can it be? Step one: dip nuts in chocolate. Step two: package them up . Step three: sell them to shops and restaurants.  I reckon it could be a goer.