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Running Form

Wow, imagine that! For the first day in a long, long while I spent a large part of today translating. It’s an article about the French legal system, amongst other things. Along the way I came across this great article on Wikipedia, which was just what I was looking for to help me understand how the legal system is organised.


Creative Edge replied to my mail of yesterday with sensible questions. I’ve replied to their reply. I’m getting a good vibe from them; let’s see where this goes.


I’m feeling better than I have for a long while. It’s no doubt due in part to the fact that I’m doing something I’m going to be paid for, but it could also be the endorphins from Session 4 of Fitness Bootcamp. I’m quite chuffed with my progress. We did a lot of my all-time hated activity, running. Guess what? I wasn’t last! I’m progressing through the ranks, and this time I was at the head of the last third. I always thought I couldn’t run because I’m small and have short legs, but there’s a girl there who’s the same size as me and runs like the wind. That’s something to aim for.