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Palm trees and snow

Last Tuesday it was 16 degrees and I was running around outside in a t-shirt. Today it started snowing at lunchtime and now we’re snowed in. It’s likely to take a while to sort it out. Like the UK, there are lots of snow-ploughs down here in the south of France. Unlike the UK, they’re all located in ski resorts. If it doesn’t melt overnight, tomorrow will be chaos on the roads.

Save over £500!

The time was put to good use. I spent the entire morning on the phone to HM Customs & Revenue trying to straighten out my National Insurance contributions and Pensions Forecast (I’m not sure if the fact that I am in possession of a Pensions Forecast makes me grown-up and responsible, or depressingly old). After endless time spent waiting for someone to answer my call, it turned out that the information I needed was written on the back of the piece of paper I had in front of me. OWWW! Anyway, the upshot of all the effort was that instead of paying over £660 pounds in contributions I only now have to pay £128. Result!

Checkup time

Then I made appointments for all the unpleasant checkups of life. I usually do this in January to get it over with. I’m a bit behind schedule this year.

The logo

Things are going well with the logo design and I went through another round of development with CreativeEdge. I love what they’re doing. It’s going to be great!

the ideal client

And finally I worked on N’s project. This came in yesterday afternoon and it’s an editing job. I did some work for N last year, and he’s back for more. He’s the ideal client. Doesn’t complain about the price, pays in advance, takes an active interest and is very appreciative. He said he found me through a Google search. I’ve no idea how. Even I can’t find me on the Internet. But I have some new ideas about that. Watch this space.