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Me at my computer

My other half’s been working at home for a day and a half now (because of the snow), and I’m reaching the end of my tolerance. Our shack house isn’t setup right for me to be able to close the door and work in peace.  Plus, he doesn’t altogether realise that I have my own routine and (even when he’s trying to be helpful) he disturbs it.

Finishing off loose ends

Nevertheless things have moved forward. I’ve finished N’s editing job and finished another slow-time book chapter that’s been hanging around for ages.

January bilan

I’ve realised it’s already the end of the first month of the year. I’m thinking it would be useful to do a bilan at the end of each month to see what’s been achieved. Off the top of my head, this is what happened in January:

  • Actual work:
    • 2 x conference paper translations,
    • 1 x article editing,
    • 1 x presentation editing,
    • 1 x book chapter editing,
    • 1 x response to reviewers editing (maybe another article almost published).
  • Marketing:
    • Researched the market and hired a design company.
    • New logo design is almost finalised.
    • Watched a very good webcast on improving your SEO ranking. Have renewed enthusiasm and new ideas.
  • Networking:
    • Kept contributing to TranslatorsCafe.
    • Re-established contact with an existing client.
    • Made contact with editor at Ashgate (publishers).
    • Updated LinkedIn profile (French and English versions). Looks good!
    • Contributed translations to Wikipedia. I’m not sure this strictly counts as networking, but it puts my name out there.
  • Admin:
    • Received confirmation that I’m now registered as a Traductrice with the French authorities. Technically it’s a small change, but it’s a big hurdle out the way for joining the French Translators’ Association.
    • UK pension payments are up-to-date.
    • Paid Q4 Social Security contributions (on time).
    • Kept up the blog!
  • Morale:
    • Mostly high. There’s been a steady stream of work, a returning client, and the intense exercise (i.e. fitness bootcamp) outside in the winter sunshine is doing me a power of good. On the other hand, receipts this month = 0. That’s a bit of a downer.
  • Highlight:
    • I’ve been published!!! Must find a way to promote this.
  • Lowlight:
    • Failed to take part in any of the Proz webcasts on CAT tools. Partly their fault. The more I see of Proz the more incoherent and disorganised it seems.

I guess tomorrow I should set some goals for February. Hmm.