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Hmm. Yesterday I said I would (should) set some goals for February. I’ve never been very good at this goal-setting thing. I don’t really believe in it. Most of the best things in my life have come about through the unexpected random intervention of others, rather than being the result of me consistently working towards an end point. Well, this one time, I’ll force myself.


By the end of February I expect to have my marketing material ready. Specifically, the new logo, stationery, business cards and a brochure. Let’s say that I’ll also have a list of ten potential contacts to send it to. And a covering letter.

We’re going to London for a few days at the end of February. It would be great to have a brochure ready to advertise the editing work. If I did,  I could distribute it in some of the many London universities. I’m hedging my bets on this one.

I also want to see if I can improve my search ranking on Google. I guess the first step is to find out what it is now.


I could join the SFT (Société française des traducteurs).

and the rest

And the rest is the most important stuff. Do work and get paid!!!