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Just after New Year I received an email from a fellow translator who wanted to know how much business I received as a result of my WordPress site.

I’m pressed for time today, so here’s a cut ‘n’ paste of my answer:

I’m happy to share my wordpress experience. I only started out last year and it was one of the first things I did to advertise the business. I can’t say that it’s brought people flocking, but I was more suprised that it has brought in any business at all. Over the past year it’s brought in maybe half a dozen new clients, which is great, but on top of that, all of them are either already repeat customers or have said they will be back next time they have work. Given that it cost nothing at all to set up and I’ve done very little to advertise it, it’s been a huge success. Clients tell me they’ve found me using a search engine.  I’m a bit baffled how it happens as I can’t even find myself when I search. I suspect that with a bit more effort on my part to promote it, it could do a lot more for me – something else to tackle this new year.

I hope this is useful for you. In a nutshell, I’d say go for it. It costs nothing apart from time to set up, and even if it only brings you one client, it’s worth it.

There is one other peculiar thing I’ve noticed. Everyone who contacts me as a result of visiting my WordPress site writes to me as if they already know me. It foxes me every time. I go back through my emails to see if they’ve been in contact before but I’ve forgotten (I haven’t), then I ask my other half if he knows them (he doesn’t). It’s strange, but I like it 🙂

By the way, it’s here http://elaineseery.wordpress.com/ if you’d like to check it out.