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Edit Ruthlessly

Edit Ruthlessly (Photo credit: Dan Patterson)

Wow. I’m back. A week ago I foolishly declared ‘let the feast begin‘! And boy did it begin. I ended up with a 9,000+ word editing job and a 6,000+ translation job both in the same week. In the middle of the fray another client sent me an email apologising for not sending me the presentation he’d promised (which I’d totally forgotten about) and I received another random request for some editing work. I’m only now coming out the other end of it. What a week!

You can’t get a quart into a pint pot

I ended up putting myself under a lot of pressure, and I think I could have handled it better. The trouble was that I committed myself to delivering on the (new client’s) non-urgent editing job for Friday – about half an hour before the urgent translating job came in. I didn’t want to go back to the new client, after promising him a quick turnaround time, to ask him almost immediately if we could delay things by a few days. In retrospect, I should have at least asked. Instead, I tried to do both articles by the end of the week, and, no surprises, failed.

Just to pile on the pressure, we had fitness bootcamp four times last week, to make up for the session we missed the week before. Not only did this leave me with less time to work, I was physically exhausted.

It wasn’t a disaster, nobody complained, the one who really suffered was me. By Saturday evening,  my candle was well and truly burned all the way through and a romantic evening ended in a needless, irritable argument.

Must do better

What went wrong? It’s clear to me what went wrong. I tried to please all of the people all of the time. What I needed to do was be realistic, be assertive, and to take control of the situation. I’m sure that without too much heartache on anyone’s part I could have arranged things so that everyone’s expectations were met, and I would have ended the week still standing.

Live and learn. Next time will be better.