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WednesdayOn Monday I posted about the how I need to be more assertive, and less quick to say ‘yes’ to anyone who asks for anything. No sooner were the words on the page, when I had a chance to put my new resolution to the test.

Please call back later…

I’m going to be away most of next week, so when, on Wednesday I received an enquiry about editing a full-length paper, I took a deep breath and told the author that I wouldn’t be able to start until I was back at my desk on the 27th February. Yikes! 27th February, that’s over a week away! And that’s just when I start! I suspect that without last week’s experience I would have tried to fit it in over the weekend before I left. No sooner had I done that (literally within minutes) than I received another enquiry from a returning client about translating one of his articles. I didn’t want to tell him he’d have to wait almost two weeks before I could begin (I’m not that strong yet!), but I did say I wouldn’t be able to deliver until the weekend after I was back.  And, guess what, nobody complained and I’ve got a reasonable schedule. It works.

Auntie Eva

As it turns out, in one of life’s mysterious coincidences, there’s a compelling reason why next week should remain fairly work-free. Yesterday my aunt very unexpectedly died and I’ll be spending the time with my family. It’s too sad. Translation doesn’t seem to matter that much right now.