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Traduction Edition Scientifique

My new logo

Creative Edge are the company I’ve hired to work on my – errr, what do I call it? – branding? A logo, stationery and a brochure. They’ve asked me if I would write a testimonial for them, which I am more than happy to do. We’re not finished yet, but I’m thrilled to bits with what they’ve produced so far.

However, it’s proved surprisingly tough to get started, so I’ve done it here, where I’m used to writing. Plus, there’s the secondary benefit of few more good words circulating on the wonderweb. Here goes…

As a freelancer, I’m used to thinking that I can do everything. I fill out my own tax return, I prepare my own invoices,  I built my own website and I even make my own coffee. So it was unusual for me to consider hiring a design company. After all, I’d already designed my own perfectly good logo! But I needed to put together a brochure, and it just wasn’t happening. I couldn’t find the words so I fiddled around with designs. When I didn’t like the designs I toyed with the text.

I’d already had a couple of unafforadable quotes before I came across Creative Edge. I wouldn’t normally have contacted them. They look like an outfit geared to much bigger companies, with proper budgets and department heads who deal with this kind of thing, but unusual circumstances brought us together. When they quoted a price that was a quarter of the other agencies… that included not only the brochure, but stationery and a new logo to boot, it was an offer to good to refuse.

My fear that I’d paid peanuts and hired monkeys rapidly proved unfounded. We’re not finished yet and so far, I love everything they have produced. From the get-go I’ve been spoiled for choice. I’m totally impressed by designer Seb’s imagination and creativity. He’s produced a logo that makes me look like the company I want to be.  The only trouble is that he works faster than I can keep up with, but neither he, nor super-efficient Faye have lost patience with my long silences or requests for changes. It really is a pleasure to work with them and I can’t recommend them highly enough.