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Ah, the first day at home in quite a while. Bliss.

London - Moving Tube London - 550d

London - Moving Tube London - 550d (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Yesterday I emailed the corrected version of an article to a French researcher. At the time, I was on a moving train that was half-way to London. The wifi, although outrageously expensive, worked well. It was the final stage of a very long journey for the paper.

Editing had begun here in the south of France. Then it moved with me to a hotel room in London. On Friday afternoon it went to India, where a subject expert reviewed it. On Monday it came back; by then I was in the north of England. It had a final pass on the moving train before being returned to its owner back  in France.

I doubt even five years ago all of this would have been possible. I think I’m going to nominate the internet for a Best Invention of All Time award. Now, who do I email?