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Yikes, it’s nearly a week since my last post. Note to self: must do better. So what’s happened? Errr. I can’t remember.

One thing I can remember is that there’s been progress on the flyer. I’ve sent the agency the text. This is MAJOR step forward. I’ve been trying to put together the text for a flyer for about four months now and never managed to do it. Finally, it’s mostly done. I’m pretty happy with it so far. We’ll see what it looks like when the designer has worked his wonders on it. Other things have progressed on the design side too. The logo(s) was/were done a little while ago, now I also have a business card, a compliments slip and a letterhead. It’s all so purdy! I love it!

I never anticipated the psychological effect that bringing in a professional designer would have. Now it feels like the business is bigger than just me. It has a presence, a life of its own. It has a ‘look’, a personality that’s different to mine. My baby is growing up :-). Once again I’ll give the design company, CreativeEdge a plug; thank you guys, you’re really great.

Now back to the editing…