Baby's First Language

Today I went to my weekly French conversation class. I haven’t been for ages, but I love it. It’s an equally balanced group of Francophones and Anglophones, we have a set topic and everyone has to talk in their non-native language. What generally happens is that folk start out in their non-native language, and then, as they get passionate or involved in their topic, they slide into their native language. At which point another member of the group will remind them to speak in the other language.

Well, guess what happened today?

There I was gabbling on, asking intelligent and pertinent questions in an interesting discussion about the Algerian war of independence when my neighbour tapped me on the arm. ‘Tu dois parler en anglais’ she said. I was puzzled. ‘Mais je suis anglaise’ I replied. It was only as I was saying it that it dawned on me that she had mistaken me for a native French speaker.

Happy dance, happy dance 🙂 (Even if she was German).