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What a difference a day makes. Today has been a big improvement on yesterday. The job I’ve been waiting for all week finally arrived, plus the next two chapters in a slow-time book project. Chewy’s back, and I’m perking up a bit.

I went to my usual French class this morning and that was better too. Last week’s session was a big of a drag, but this week was fun. There is one thing that drives me crazy in these classes – the irritating English. And what irritates me most about them is the nonsense they talk. Last week  an allegedly native English speaker tried to maintain that there was no such thing as ‘exploding’ with anger in English. OH YES THERE IS. In the same session someone offered ‘sensible’ as a translation for the French ‘sensible’. It really doesn’t help!!!! And a few weeks before that, another compatriot tried to tell the French speakers that cows ‘browse’ grass. Not where I come from they don’t.

So Francophones beware. Next time an Anglophone tries to ‘help’ you to speak English, get a second opinion!