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Easter Bunny: Terminator

Easter Bunny: Terminator (Photo credit: faithmouse)

Tuesday, did a full day’s work finishing off the current translation and have ended the day in quite a strop, for reasons unknown. Probably because I’m tired. Poor sleep is a real killer of productivity. Yesterday turned into a more traditional Bank Holiday than I expected. We spent the whole day in hospital after Chewy chopped the end off his thumb.

Anyway, enough moaning. What I wanted to do is give fellow translator Corinne McKay‘s blog a plug. I generally find something useful and interesting in her posts. Last Friday was no exception. Through her I’ve discovered The Freelancery blog which is great. I’ve started working my way through all of Walt’s posts – I’ve only ever done that once before with a blog. Plus, I’m happy to see that I’m following a well-beaten path in the area of rates and ignorant customers!

Onwards and upwards.