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Garden with some tulips and narcissusI learnt a new French word the other day – la giboulé. Or, more specifically, les giboulées, which means showers. April showers in particular. I can’t remember the last time I saw a more typical April. This month weather has ranged from surprisingly warm and sunny to surprisingly cold and rainy and it’s been unusually windy. The plants have loved it. The warmth gave them an initial boost, the wind has blown the dust away and the rain has kept them well watered. Everything is blindingly green, yellow, pink, red, white or blue with orange spots and bursting with life. It’s beautiful to see.

I wish I was in synch with the plants rather than the weather. I’m ready for a bit more stability. It seems to have been a month of ups and downs, rain and sunshine. Each time I think I’m set for a long spell of dry, calm weather, it turns cold and starts raining again. I guess I should take a leaf from the plants’ book (gerrit!) and find a way to enjoy the constant changes.