Latex Fashion Show

Latex Fashion Show (Photo credit: tetradtx)

I’ve said it many times before, and I’m going to say it again – I hate editing. It’s so damn HARD. Thank the Lord I’m done with the Norwegians for the time being (there’ll be more, don’t think I’ve stopped complaining about that) but this week has brought more editing. As usual, trying to figure out what you think someone might be trying to say in their sentences that cover half a page, deploy vocabulary that is unusual to say the least and use syntax that leaves you wondering if they were sober when the piece was written,  is tough going. Once again, I have to concentrate so hard it quickly makes my head very heavy. This is even worse because it’s written in LaTeX.

When I started out, I was reluctant to work in LaTeX, but as I’m in a minority of folk who even knows what it is, never mind can work in it, it’s brought me some business I wouldn’t otherwise have. It’s made for engineers and mathematicians who need to format formulas and data. Trouble is, it really isn’t suited to editing. There’s no tracking changes, limited spell and grammar checking and no way to highlight the tricky bits so that I’ll remember to come back to them. But, worst of all, I can’t make the text nice and big and easy to read (I usually work at 130% magnification). It’s dense, difficult and tiny.

Once this is over, there should be some translation work coming in. Hallelujah!!