Here we are almost two months into 2014 already and the blog has been neglected for a long, long time.


To be honest, it’s not the best moment to try to start again. I’m suffering from a severe lack of motivation. Work has dried up since Christmas and right now, I’m not very bothered. The famous ‘financial cushion’ is in place and I’ve lost interest in taking any kind of initiative to pull in new business. I’d rather sit down on the sofa and watch YouTube videos or go out on my bike.

In fact, I’m thinking about switching business altogether. I had a little life-changing experience last June, when I inadvertently discovered that eating foods with yeast in them gave me headaches and made me feel very tired. Given that for most of my life, lunch had consisted of a sandwich I had always thought that my 4pm energy slump was entirely normal. Since I stopped eating yeast, I’ve got more energy than I know what to do with and am spending more and more time on my bike. One thing has led to another, and now I’m thinking about designing sports clothing for women. I have a million ideas and the only thing that’s holdiing me back is a fear that I’ll be entirely absorbed by it.

Meanwhile, translating seems a pretty dull option. At the same time, I’m paralysed by wondering if this will be a passing fad or whether I should put some serious energy into a(nother) new project. For now, I don’t have an answer.